Game Auction

Open Silent Game Auction

Bring in unwanted or rarely used games or game-related material and put them up for sale to the highest bidder. This is your opportunity to clear out your game closet or take home some bargain-priced games!

Below you’ll find a list of guidelines pertaining to the 2023 game auction.

  1. There is just one auction held at Fire & Ice in 2023 on Saturday.
  2. Sellers may drop off items for sale in the auction beginning at 8:00 am that morning.
  3. There is a $2.00 entry fee per “lot” entered in the auction this is cash or conbux only. Each lot you enter can contain one or more games or game-related material. Lots are bid on and bought as a whole. You must fill out a small entry/bidding form for each lot you enter. Game auction forms are available here if you want to fill them out in advance *Please remember to list all of the games in the lot on the form under description*.  Limit of ten lots per person or as space allows. Please remember to leave us a phone number to be called or texted when your payout is ready for pick-up.
  4. Auctions will begin at 12:00 pm Saturday. No bids or buyouts may be made before the auction begins.
  5. You must have a valid player badge for the day of the auction in order to sell or bid.
  6. Both buyers and sellers must have an auction number in order to bid on or sell items. Convention attendees can get an auction number from the game auction attendant free of charge.
  7. Opening bid for an item begins at the amount specified by the seller. Opening bid must be a whole dollar amount (no cents).
  8. All bids must be in whole dollar amounts (no cents).
  9. At any time during the auction as long as the bid is below the “buyout price”, a buyer may pay the “buyout price” of a lot to the auction attendant and take the lot right away.
  10. The auction will end the same day at 4:00 pm. The highest bid at this time will win the lot.
  11. Buyers must pick up and pay for the lots they’ve won between 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm. If they do not, the lot will be sold to the second highest bidder, third highest bidder, etc.
  12. All payments must be done in cash. No checks or credit cards or conbux are accepted. An ATM is available at the Holiday Inn, but may run out of cash (it did last time… so please plan ahead).
  13. Sellers can pick up unsold lots and payouts for their sold lots when called or Texted or you can stop back at the auction beginning at 5:30 pm.
  14. All lots are sold as is and all sales are final. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the contents of the lot being purchased.

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At Fire & Ice, you’ll get a chance to test the old adage. All convention attendees will get the opportunity to participate in our annual game auction as a buyer and seller!