Submit an Event

Games judges are a crucial component of every convention. At Fire and Ice, game judges are awarded 2 Conbux for every hour that they run an event (maximum 50 Conbux per person for game judging and volunteering). This year we will be offering additional Conbux for events on Fridays (3 Conbux per hour of event run).

Conbux can be used like cash with vendors and to pay for food, swag, prize drawing tickets and the game auction entry fee. Attendees and Judges alike have been requesting online signup, so we have switched to the Tabletop.Events system for event submission. There are premade tutorials (linked below) that will show you how to submit events. If you need help, please send our events coordinator an email:

Key dates for 2024:

October 1st –
Registration and Event Submission Opens

December 17th –
Event Signup Opens

February 10th –
Preprinted Badge Sales Close

February 17th –
Event Submission Closes

We learned a lot about the system last year, but we are sure there’s more to learn this year. We appreciate you helping us out – if you find errors or issues, please let us know!